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The Best Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

One of the questions I get most often from my clients is this – ‘Where are the best indoor Toronto photo locations?’

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The reason this is such a popular question is probably because this couple is either having their engagement photos or wedding photos done during the colder winter months. Or, maybe the engaged couple is concerned about the possibility of rain or other inclement weather on their wedding day.

The difficult thing about finding indoor photo locations in Toronto is that they are tough to find! That’s why I have devised this list of the best indoor Toronto photo locations that I have discovered over my 10+ years of being a Toronto wedding photographer. You may even recognize a few of these recommended locations from my previous list detailing some of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto.

Why is finding an indoor Toronto photography location a challenge?

  1. Finding a space large enough to photograph a wedding party or family groupings. Photographing just two people (the couple getting married) is fairly easy to do anywhere indoors. Trying to find somewhere with enough space to photograph a group, such as all 20 of your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, becomes much more challenging!
  2. Limited Availability. This goes for every location as Toronto weddings are happening literally every day. If it’s calling for heavy rain the weekend of your wedding, you better believe that 50 other couples are worrying about the same inclement weather you are. As space in Toronto is precious in the first place, finding spaces large enough and beautiful enough for wedding photography is a challenge. Appealing locations are few and far between.
  3. Permit Costs. As you may have guessed, almost every photogenic location in Toronto requires a photography permit. Many locations, especially in privately owned areas such as the Financial District, The Distillery District or the University of Toronto, have security regularly patrolling and requesting to see your photography permits. Since most people are already paying for one photography permit for their primary outdoor location, most are hesitant to pay for a second photography permit for a rain location. This location may never be used if it doesn’t rain, and it would be up to several hundred dollars or more wasted. The good news is if it’s only a chance of intermittent rain, I encourage my couples to bring along umbrellas and a great attitude. As long as it’s not too heavy we can still shoot your wedding photos in the rain!

Now that you know why it can be tricky to find a suitable indoor Toronto photo location for your wedding photography, let’s explore how I can help you!

Here is my personal list of the best indoor Toronto photo locations which I share with my own wedding clients:

The Art Gallery of Ontario // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

The Art Gallery of Ontario features both a large interior with plenty of space for photographing wedding parties. If you are looking for a modern Toronto photo location, The AGO might be the perfect fit for your wedding photography! The Art Gallery of Ontario features sweeping modern architecture. Warm light bounces around Galleria Italia, making it the perfect spot for either a ceremony or your wedding party photos. The dramatic galleries featuring the paintings themselves are better suited to photos of just the couple alone due to space and lighting constraints.

Address:  317 Dundas Street West, Toronto Ontario M5T 1G4
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://www.ago.net

You can see more Art Gallery of Ontario wedding photos in this post:  Annie & Alex’s AGO Wedding in Toronto

The Burroughes Building // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

Originally built way back in 1907 as a department store, The Burroughes Building was tallest building in its native Queen Street West neighbourhood. Now completely renovated, the owners did a fabulous job maintaining the beautiful retro-chic exposed brick featured throughout the Burroughes Building. The 6th Floor has two distinct rooms, my favourite of which is the side with the tall lettering spelling THE BURROUGHES. It makes a perfect backdrop for wedding party photos and alone photos! If the weather holds out, you also have a great view of the CN Tower from sthe rooftop patio.

I love this space so much that I host my photography workshops here! Wondering if The Burroughes Building might be the best indoor Toronto photo location for your wedding or engagement shoot? Reach out to management – they’re always such a  pleasure to work with and would be happy to check their calendar for you.

Address: 639 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B7
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://theburroughes.com

You can see more Burroughes Building indoor Toronto wedding photos in this post:  Jacky & Dave’s Wedding at The Burroughes

The Royal Conservatory of Music // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

Looking for an indoor Toronto photo location that is light, airy and open even in the winter months? The Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor Street might be the perfect spot for you!

The clear winner for best feature of The Royal Conservatory of Music is the grand staircase. Situated immediately to the right of floor to ceiling windows, this staircase offers both amazing light and modern architecture. Two things photographers love 😉 Since the staircase is so large, it could easily accommodate a larger wedding party. Other staircases in the building also can accommodate family formals quite nicely.

Address: 273 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W2
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  https://www.rcmusic.ca

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Knox College at The University of Toronto // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

A longtime favourite of many of my couples, Knox College at The University of Toronto is a heavy hitter in the search for indoor Toronto photo locations. Many a couple has hired me because they love the grand dramatic staircase inside Knox College. It’s a shame that you only have access to the inside of Knox Chapel if your ceremony is taking place on-site, because it’s gorgeous too! However that doesn’t detract from the beautiful covered walkway which allows for beautiful light, and protection from the elements. Be aware though – if you’re taking your wedding photos at Knox College in the winter, the outside walkway is not enclosed so you will be cold! Luckily inside where the staircase is located will be toasty warm. Your photographer will need to be good with off-camera lighting to make the most of the interior of Knox College, however, as natural light is scarce inside on darker days. This does, however, make Knox College one of the most beautiful and dramatic of all the indoor Toronto photo locations!

Address: 59 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2E6
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://www.knox.utoronto.ca

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Havergal College // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

New to my list of recommended indoor Toronto photo locations is Havergal College. Havergal College is a private school, but also has begun offering its gorgeous campus to couples looking to have that ivy league look in their wedding photos. The good news is in addition to its stunning ivy covered exterior, the interior library is lovely! Even the auditorium has beautiful stained glass windows for some creative portraiture. I got the distinct feeling that if I kept exploring, I might find even more places to photograph. Since this is a private school for JK through Grade 12, weekends in the summer are fairly quiet here and a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle at the University of Toronto, but with a similar look. Even though this is a list of the best indoor Toronto photo locations, I couldn’t help but include a couple photos of Havergal’s gorgeous exterior. It’s too beautiful not to!

Address: 1451 Avenue Rd, North York, ON M5N 2H9
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  https://www.havergal.on.ca

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The Berkeley Fieldhouse // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

If you’re looking for a romantic and casual style venue with a rustic sort of elegance, check out The Berkeley Fieldhouse. The rustic interior is beautifully accentuated by sparkling chandeliers and colourful accents throughout. The Berkeley Fieldhouse has the coolest tiny spiral staircase and even a treehouse outside! Good news too – the temperature is regulated inside the Treehouse so it’s usable even on really cold or hot days. If you’re looking for a unique Toronto photo location, this is it!

Address: 311 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S7
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://berkeleyevents.com/venue/berkeley-field-house/

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The Berkeley Church // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

Right next door to The Berkeley Fieldhouse is the original 1871 Berkeley Church. The venue is named this quite simply because this gorgeous Toronto wedding venue was built in 1871 and has since been converted into an event venue. offering quite a different feeling that the rustic Berkeley Fieldhouse next door, The 1871 Berkeley Church has a much more dramatic vibe. Again, your photographer should be accomplished at off-camera lighting and flash if you are getting married at The Berkeley Church, as it can be quite dark inside. This of course only adds to the ambiance of the space, and there is more than enough space to accommodate bot wedding parties and alone portraits of the happy couple alone. The stained glass windows on the top level and the wine cellar in the basement below are just two of the beautiful features that make The 1871 Berkeley Church a must-see indoor Toronto photo location.

Address: 315 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S7
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://berkeleyevents.com/venue/1871-berkeley-church/

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The Gardiner Museum // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

Another wonderful indoor Toronto photo location, The Gardiner Museum boasts beautiful works of ceramic art, natural light in the rooms upstairs, and dramatically lit exhibits. The exterior is equally as gorgeous and if you can sneak outside during your wedding, you can take advantage of the lovely stone architecture year round. The nice thing is that the Gardiner Museum is not a seasonal venue and can be enjoyed during all seasons and temperatures.

Address: 111 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  https://www.gardinermuseum.on.ca

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Casa Loma // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

An old favourite of mine (and most people in the city), Casa Loma is one of the best indoor Toronto photo locations for many reasons. On the shortlist is the incredibly beautiful architecture, and dark wood panelled interiors featured throughout the castle. The library features a dramatic look with chandelieres surrounding the glass-covered bookcases, while the stark opposite is true of the Conservatory. The Conservatory boasts bright lighting and a fountain, as well an a ceiling adorned in a circular pattern. This room is perfect for wedding party photos and photographing larger groups of people. If you can make it outside, it’s always amazing to show off the iconic exterior architecture for which historical Casa Loma is known.

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://www.casaloma.ca

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Graydon Hall Manor // Indoor Toronto Photo Locations

Another jewel on my list of go-to indoor Toronto photo locations is Graydon Hall Manor. This manor house is very impressive and makes for beautiful photos inside and out.  There is a great overhang out front for group photos (great if you have a little bit of drizzle happening but still want natural light for your wedding party photos).  Lots of great details inside, including a sweeping staircase and a showstopper chandelier.  The courtyard in the back makes for some beautiful images as well.  Wedding photos at Graydon Hall Manor have a luxurious style.  Check out this venue if you are looking for elegant Toronto photography locations with timeless appeal.

Address:  185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON, ON M3A 3B4
Permit Required:  Yes
Indoor Location:  Yes
Website:  http://www.graydonhall.com

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Did you find this list of the Best Indoor Toronto Photo Locations helpful?

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